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School dance is a very enjoyable event in the lives of school children. However organising one is a bit tricky because you will have to choose a propertheme, use safe items for decorations, decide on an acceptable dance type and so on. Also the authorities of the school must give the permission to organise and hold such an event. A date and venue acceptable to the school as well as parents must be chosen as well.

Consider the nature of the event

Due to the large scale nature of the event adults must be involved. Therefore if you are the teacher entrusted with the task, make a committee of teachers as well as parents so that they can decide where to hold this type of a huge event. Mostly what people do is use the gym of the school as it has sufficient space. There will be a lot of students dancing andother student sitting and watching as well. If food is to be served there must be a suitable place to serve it. Because of kids being involved, spilling and making a bit of a mess is a possibility; so if you use the gym, outside of the gym could be used for serving food. Suitable food type must be selected such as barbecuing. When choosing a theme and a dress code you can maybe stick to 1950’s swing dresses for the girls and similar theme for the boys. Visit this link for more info on 1950s swing dresses Australia.

Planning the party

An efficient plan with a good level of organising is needed to plan and have the party successfully. Again, involving both teachers and parents is important for forming the plan. However actual work must be done with the involvement of the students themselves. That is one reason why you must use safe decoration material. Think things through and consider all the options you have; would you have photo booth? Will there be options to participate in games? Also you must choose the music carefully as for the school sometimes the music available may not be quite suitable. Do not let the kids handle barbecue or the DJ console like things. Also make sure electricity is up to code and there are no open or exposed ends as students might go to explore and get in trouble.

Introducing the theme

When you introduce a theme, try to stick to a safe as well as a relatable one; earlier days youngsters used to read comic books. Even now there are diehard fans thatbuy and read comics online Australia. But not many know about some characters, dresses used in some eras or themes. If you go ahead with a popular theme, it will be easier to find something suitable online; or you can make the students acquainted with the theme you decided on via interesting means such as a play at the assembly, a class room assignment or something. A school dance is an occasion where most students make memories. As the organiser it is in your hands to make it a reality.